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A high-potency offering of Coenzyme Q10 combined with alpha-lipoic acid.

Energy begins at the most basic level—your cells. CoQuinone® 100 supports the creation of energy in your cells with nutrients that benefit muscle function, healthy nerves, and cardiovascular health. CoQuinone® 100 also assists the high-energy demand of your heart. At more than three times the strength of CoQuinone® 30, this high-potency tablet allows for customization of your nutrition with fewer tablets.

Contents: 28 Capsules/Bottle


CoQuinone 100 (28 gel capsules)

SKU: US-142-28
    • Central to robust energy production within the cell.
    • Provides ingredients vital to support cardiovascular health, sound muscle function, and healthy nerve function.
    • Contains a powerful antioxidant blend.
    • Clinically shown to be more bioavailable when compared to other forms.
  • Take one capsule daily preferably with food.


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