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Get to know USANA’s tasty and convenient Nutrimeal shakes. This low-glycemic formula, rich in dietary fiber and protein, can give you all the nutrients you need for a satisfying meal on the go.


Our Shake It Up Pack includes a selection of our most popular meal-replacement shakes along with a 28-day supply of some of our core nutritionals.

Shake It Up Pack

SKU: US-959
  • What you’ll get in the Shake It Up Pack:

    • HealthPak™—Convenient packets of our core nutritionals. Take each AM and PM pack with food for maximum absorption.
    • BiOmega™—Provides EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids to support sound cardiovascular and joint health.*
    • USANA® Probiotic (two boxes)—Stick packs containing a blend of probiotic bacteria. Try mixing these with your daily protein shake to support healthy digestion.*
    • Proflavanol® C100—A dynamic combination of vitamin C and grape-seed extract designed to give your body advanced antioxidant protection and support your immune and body system health, including a healthy circulatory system, which can help maintain sound cardiovascular function.*
    • Dutch Chocolate (2) and French Vanilla (1) Nutrimeal™—Low-glycemic meal-replacement shake with an ideal ratio of carbs, proteins, and beneficial fats. Personalize the flavor by blending in your favorite fruits or vegetables for a meal replacement, or mix with water for a tasty workout recovery shake.
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